Ur Beauty Liaison

We offer public relations, branding and communication services for brands and professionals within the fashion, beauty,  entertainment Industries.

Ur Lifestyle Liaison

Lifestyle branding can be defined as a  product or service that provides consumers with an emotional attachment to an identifiable lifestyle  —the rugged outdoorsman, the posh executive or an urban hipster, for example. The consumer then projects this lifestyle to society by purchasing and using particular brands. We help you be that brand!

Ur Corporate Liaison

The corporate brand is the overall umbrella for the corporations’  activities and encapsulates its vision, values, personality, positioning  and image among many other dimensions. The corporate brand is the face of the business strategy and promises what all stakeholders should expect from the corporation.

Ur Sports Liaison

Many sports personalities are able to generate significant earnings both  from leveraging their own brand as elite athletes and from sponsorship  deals with various brand owners. Sporting celebrities can register  themselves as trademarks, not only their own name but also nicknames,  poses, slogans, signatures, or other insignia for which they well known.