Ur Liaison Partnership Program

What is the Ur Liaison Partnership Program?

 A "Liaison" facilitates a close working relationship between people or organizations.  As"Ur" Liaison,  we connect you to the right people who can provide boatloads of  information, tips, and action items that help you grow your business.  

Ur Liaison Partnership Program is comprised of a network of industry  experts, known as PBG Partners, who come together to provide advice and support to business  owners and entrepreneurs who are clients of PBG.  These can include  experts who are on hand to discuss things like:  trademarking, copy-writing, e-commerce, cosmetics regulations, tax laws, accounting, social media marketing, business credit and more.

PBG clients access and leverage this robust network of Industry Experts who are leading thinkers in their area of expertise. These Industry Experts interact with clients through phone consultations,  email correspondence, and in person meetings*.

This program was created because at PBG, our vision is to be the catalyst that inspires and empowers entrepreneurs to follow their dreams, pursue their passion and turn it into profit by connecting them to one another to obtain the support, insight, and expertise needed to make the best decision possible for whatever challenge or issues faced in their business.              

You name it and we find the experts you need to help you accomplish your goals.

PBG Partner


Are you a PBG Cient looking to get some insight? Not quite sure if someone is a PBG Partner? Don't worry...Simply check out our list of "Ur Liaison Partners" below or look for the blue PBG Partner badge on their site. Tell them you are a confirmed client of PBG, and they will be glad to assist you!    


Friendship Financial

Need tax help? Got tax questions?

Contact  Friendship Financial to get answers to any Tax Questions you may have!  There are many new Tax Laws that are really important to know this  upcoming Tax Year.   

6030 Highway 85, Riverdale, Georgia 30274

Phone (770) 892-5446



Email  marketing?  Google AdWords? Mobile Apps?   Clearly, all of these  marketing tools deserve your time and attention. And like any aspect of  marketing, there can be a learning curve to discover the ins and outs  and best practices. WebMobile Fusion has these answers and can make the  learning curve a little less steep.


103 River Park Cir, McDonough, Georgia

Call (404) 267-0735  


Dr. Elna Poulard, Non-Profit Formation Expert

If you are attempting to start a nonprofit,  you need the help of an experienced professional. Dr. Poulard  can advise you on your proposed nonprofit, helping you structure it the right way, so that you accomplish your mission and avoid costly mistakes.  Incorporation, 501(c)(3) status, policies and Procedures Manual, and state and federal compliance filings…all customized to your particular organization. 

Cheyenne Consulting Group

 CCG Consulting works with new and emerging fashion designers and fashion  industry professionals to help them gain exposure within the industry.   We work with retail stores, boutiques, buyers, editors, stylists and  bloggers to promote our fashion industry professionals.  Our team of  experts are experienced in fashion brand marketing, retail sales,  management and administration and fashion runway productions. 

Jewels By Jewettee

Jewettee McNeal

Need a Sponsor?  Learn about how you can Work From Home! Be Your Own Boss! Earn 45% Commission! Have Flexible Hours! and Unlimited Earning Potential!

Jewettee McNeal

Independent Business Owner 



ID # 99146 

Fidelity Bank


Take advantage of a Totally Free Checking account with no minimum balance and no monthly maintenance fees.

Contact Vice President Kena Ceasar today!

1375 Hwy 20 W, McDonough, GA 30253

Phone: 770-914-4300

Email: kena.ceasar@lionbank.com

*Consulting engagements are at Partners discretion, and on partners schedule. Fees may apply.