Tyler Royale


 Tyler is a Georgia native who enjoys singing to the top of the stratosphere; her sound is modern yet classic, bold yet soothing. Her cool, sultry, vibrant and playful voice has wowed audiences in intimate gatherings as well as theater and concert venues. 

Tyler Royale is currently working on a brand new progressive project that is already making a name in the music scene. With a debut EP in the works, and planned releases for 2017 with artists such as Lil' Yachty and Young Dro, and a brand new track that will be released soon,Tyler Royale is already building a reputation that will precede her.  While Tyler knows that collaboration is an important part of success in the music industry, she believes that sole authorship is the hallmark of a true genius, and with this in mind, she is determined to be a credited writer on every single song she sings. From vocal production, to the lyrics, to the melody...Tyler touches everything and makes decisions big and small to perfect her art until it is ready for public consumption. When you listen to her songs, you won't be able to deny that this 19 year old is wise beyond her years. Aside from her astonishing voice, Tyler's songwriting skills are definitely not something to overlook. This EP is going to be a testament to her enormous talent, both as a vocalist and as a songwriter. 


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