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Brand Management Services

pierre branding group brand management services

We have the ability to work with clients at a variety of levels, from building a brand from the ground up to creating a captivating story around an existing brand that will leave a lasting impression on target audiences.  We  use a combination of unique techniques to increase the perceived value  of a product line or brand over time.  Effective brand management enables  the price of products to go up and builds loyal customers through  positive brand associations and images or a strong awareness of the  brand.  We can do that for you. 

Communication Services

Pierre Branding Group Communication Services

As a small business, we know your resources are limited. Why not bring us in to function as your business' communications department? We can convey your company's internal and external  messages, draft written materials, newsletters, and even prepare presentations.  Internally, we help create strategies to increase employee awareness and promote productivity.  Externally, we communicate with the media and other interested parties  to announce new products and discuss organizational changes in a way that maintain a positive image of the company.  

Promotional Services


PBG provides a full spectrum of promotional services that will enhance  your competitive presence, your brand, and exposure in the public eye.  With our personalized service, we can help you with your next PowerPoint presentation or sponsorship package for your sales or board  meeting, and conference.  We even build and provide a dedicated Web page on the PBG site complete with bio, photo, contact information and link back to your own company site for entrepreneurs, indie artists, novelists, designers, models  and emerging brands. 

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