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Anna  N. Yang began as a self-taught graphic designer and built her  professional experience in editorial, advertising and branding design  after she joined Georgia State University’s college newspaper, The  Signal. With the paper, Anna received accolades such as Best Advertising  Staff Member, Best News Graphic Designer, and second place in Best  Newspaper Page Designer of the Southeast Journalism Conference in 2015,  2014 and 2013, respectively.

Since  then, Anna has designed products for brands such as Southern Community  Newspapers, Inc., Henry County Chamber of Commerce Newsletter,  Pamplin Media Group, Georgia Swarm, Relay For Life,  Centennial Olympic Park and more. 

Anna's Personal Brand

Anna received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and minored in  journalism from Georgia State University. Using the two studies with  graphic design, Anna passionately believes in creating visual messages  that reach people from all backgrounds so that they can feel enlightened  and emboldened.

Anna's design style? Simple. Sweet. Bold.  

Anna works as a contract professional to Pierre Branding Group through her own company Anna Yang Graphic Design. 

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Anna Yang Graphic Design

Anna is a Freelance Graphic Designer with experience in editorial and advertising design. Anna has the ability to take your vision from concept to reality using a variety of different mediums.  From designing your logo, your poster, your packaging, or your marketing  brochure, Anna Yang Graphic Design frees you up to do what you do best – focusing on your  business, service, product, or event. 



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Henry County Chamber Newsletter Design


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