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Marcella Parchment spent the majority of her working career in desktop publishing and freelancing.  After college, she worked for a small local news publication, which launch her into The Mortgage Press, which is a bi-monthly mortgage publication which operated regionally.  She then went onto to work with the Restaurant Depot which is a national wholesaler of restaurant supplies, working as head designer at their headquarters in Queens NYC.  While at the Restaurant Depot, Marcella worked for VHS a print company, where she designed murals, poster, decals  and signage, for various companies.  She is currently working with Family Support Circle Inc., a non-profit organization operating in Philadelphia  and Georgia their flagship location.

Marcella's Personal Brand

With a passion for the art or graphics and design, Marcella has really found her niche in graphic design, identity design, and branding.  With her exceptional visual messaging and communications skills, she loves the challenge of solving highly complex problems in simple, user friendly ways that enhance a company's brand.  Marcella has been creating and designing graphics primarily for published, printed or electronic media, such as brochures and advertising. 

Marcella works as a contract professional to Pierre Branding Group through her own company Parchment Design. 

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Parchment Design

Marcella Parchment is a New York based Visual Designer & Graphic Artist. She has a 4 year degree in graphic design and visual communication and specializes in print design and offers design services to businesses of all sizes.