Dr. Patrick Kulmacz

Doctor of Chiropractic, The Paulk Clinic

Dr. Patrick Kulmacz is originally from Frankfort, Kentucky and now resides in Atlanta, Georgia.  Kulmacz received his Bachelor's Degree in Human Nutrition from The Ohio State University and his Chiropractic Doctorate degree from Life University.  As a holistic doctor, he specializes in safe, effective, and non-force or rotational chiropractic techniques; including being an advanced practitioner of the Pierce Results System.  In addition, Dr. Kulmacz is proficient with the Thompson Drop Technique, Diversified (manual) Adjusting, Kinesiology, the Webster Technique, Nutritional Counseling,  Stress Reduction Techniques, Cox Flexion Distraction Technique and Activator.  

As a Chiropractor, his mission is to provide outstanding Chiropractic Care to as many individuals as possible  while inspiring and educating  members of the community to take an active role in their personal well-being.

Patrick's Philosophy

Patrick strongly believes that "Hard work pays off".  When you work hard you reap great benefits from your efforts.  He strives to never be one to say “I wish I could redo”, “I regret”, or “I wish I had more time”. He believes that when you do your best, there is no reason to think otherwise. 

Community Involvement

During his tenure at Ohio State University, Kulmacz joined the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity (ΦBΣ) where his line name was Presidential.  Being active in the Fraternity positioned him to gain leadership experience while making  efforts to improve the lives of other students on campus and helping the community around him by volunteering with programs that fed the homeless and helped alleviate poverty.

Kulmacz in the news


Patrick Kulmacz Covers Game Changers Magazine

Patrick is featured on the cover of Game Changers Magazine as part of the MenWithVision2020 Campaign empowering professional women to have success in Life, Love & Business all while benefiting victims of Domestic Violence and Financial Abuse.

KULMACZ on camera

On a segment with Curbside Medtalk Doctors,  hear how a life changing event inspired Dr. Kulmacz to study chiropractic care so that he can be in a position to help others.

Learn more about The Paulk Clinic in this Business Minute with the Paulk Clinic's Dr. Philip Paulk and Dr. Patrick Kulmacz on SCBTV.

The Paulk Clinic provides  comprehensive services to help patients manage personal injury pain. Neck, back, and other types of joint and muscle pain are common after a personal injury. 

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