Step 1: Determine your area of expertise.

Before establishing or developing an area of expertise, you need to decide what it is you want to be known for. This world of personal branding is over flowing with competing entrepreneurs. Thus choosing a general field like ‘marketing’ or ‘human resources’ isn’t enough. Instead, it is best to develop yourself in a specific niche.

With the focus on a specific niche, more opportunities will come flooding your way and you can prove what you are talking about. When you begin, your potential audience may a little smaller, but they will definitely be relevant. Specificity is a trade of volume for significance.


Step 2: Begin writing and publishing.

With an area of focus in place, it is time to begin reputation building. The best way to do it – show off your expertise.  DON'T START WITH A BOOK!! A book can definitely be the springboard for your personal brand..but not the starting point.

First step – start your own blog, and update it on a weekly basis.   Through your content you can become a trusted source of information.  Then GET PUBLISHED by getting your work featured in a credible publication, like a well known local magazine or even a more established blog as a guest blogger. Get published in as many places as possible.  Over time, with more and more people trusting your work, you can become a thought leader or an expert in your field.  Then you hit them with your book!  BOOM!!


Step 3: Flesh out social media profiles.


Sit back and take the time to flesh out all your social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You need to make sure that all your profiles are consistent with your personal brand standards. Post updates on a regular basis, and repost content for new followers.

Step 4: Step into the world of public speaking.


Now that you have your book...Consider looking for public speaking events that will give you the opportunity to demonstrate expertise and connect with a new audience.


Public speaking offers a significant opportunity to gain publicity, increase your personal and business brand exposure, and drive sales.  If your goal is to win the business of the followers you have, it may be a good idea to  make sure your lecture topic is about something that you can present and answer questions about. Your audience should walk away from your lecture with useful information, a solution to a problem, and actionable tips.  And remember,  your presentations should never sound like sales pitches.  While it’s fine to tell some stories about your business as they relate to your topic, you never want your audience to think the only reason you’re talking to them is to sell your products or services to them in the future.  Make sure you get the email addresses of everyone who attends your speaking events and follow up with targeted email marketing campaigns. 

Step 5: Network!


In the real world and on social media, the key to a sparkling growth for personal branding is networking. Networking is the process of building and fostering new relationships through introductions and referrals. It’s not about what you know about the business. It’s about who you know in the business.  It is important to engage and mingle with other individuals in the same field.  Some may be social influencers who may have connections and other may be valuable to help spread the word about the expertise you share.

Attending more professional networking events will help you meet influencers in the area. When it comes to online, engage in various community discussions whenever and where ever you can.   You can also use networking events for affiliate marketing, collaboration and joint ventures. The more the opportunities to network, the better it is for your personal brand

PBG Can Help!!

If you think you don’t have time to put in the work that it takes to build and maintain a personal brand successfully by yourself, Pierre Branding Group offers a number of managed services packages. We are happy to help you through the personal branding process.  No matter what your needs are, our team of experts are ready to work with you to come up with a solid strategy to accomplish your goals.  While every client campaign is different regarding the specifics of their personal branding strategy and execution, you can expect results when you work with our in-house team of specialists and creatives.