Sherley Beaufils

Mortgage Consultant, Financial Health Coach, Advance Nurse Practitioner, Speaker, Mentor

Sherley Beaufils is a Haitian native from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, now residing in Georgia.  At the age of 8, Sherley emigrated to the United States with her family. After a brief period in New York, Sherley and her family relocated to Philadelphia where she went to Murrel Dobbins High School. She then went on to study and completed her bachelor’s degree in Health Services at the Eastern University then her MBA in Global Management at the University of Phoenix. She then went on to obtain her bachelors in registered nursing at Drexel University followed by her master’s degree from Herzing University with a graduate program focus as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She currently works as a Mortgage Wellness Consultant at Southpoint Financial Services, Inc. andsporadically consults as an Advance Practice Nurse Practitioner in Emergency Medicine at one of the local hospitals.

The Mortgage Wellness Consultant

With over six years in the mortgage industry, Sherley is experienced and equipped to deal with all of your mortgage needs. Regardless of your preferred method of communication, she is personally invested in every loan that she originates. Her goal is to put your mind at ease and provide constant support from the time she takes your application to close and beyond. Sherley is committed to providing you with all the information & options needed to ensure you make a well-informed decision concerning your home financing. Sherley considers it a privilege and an honor to serve you on the mortgage journey. She provides her clients with excellent customer service no matter what the situation, even if you don’t qualify now, she will work to help you get on track and make home ownership a dream come true.

Her Personal Brand...The Renaissanista

The definition of a Renaissance woman (or man) is a person who is well educated and sophisticated and who has talentand knowledge in many different fields of study

Sherley is an advocate for complete Wellness. When not working on your loans, Sherley can be found in the community teaching best practices of Financial and complete Wellness.  The knowledge, dedication, passion, optimism and an empathetic demeanor are among some of the characteristics that makes her great. Sherley is a community leader and sits on the boards of several community organizations.  She also finds great enjoyment in hanging out with her husband, three daughters, family and friends.   

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In today’s ruthless and turbulent marketplace, stress resulting from financial challenges is often chronic. Many tend to not see the links Among Financial, Physical and Mental Health. Finance is not only vital to corporate success, but to leading a healthy and productive lifestyle. Sherley is an expert in the fields of nursing, finance and Mortgage consulting. She takes a leadership perspective when assessing the health industry and finances and can speak to everything from understanding the results of your annual check-up to the economy for business growth.

She understands the ways finance will affect your business today, tomorrow, here, and abroad. As well as how it can affect your physical health. She gives in-depth analysis of her own experience in finance and how one should navigate the financial service industry to come out on top. If you want to stay ahead of the financial curve, book Sherley as a speaker today.

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