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About Community Branding

 The word 'community' is a broad term used to define groups of people, whether they are stakeholders, interest groups, or citizen groups.  A community may be a geographic location (community of place), a community of similar interest (community of practice), or a community of affiliation or identity such as industry or sporting club.  PBG seeks to better engage the community to help achieve long-term and sustainable outcomes, processes, relationships, discourse, decision-making, or implementation.  

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Branding your Chamber of Commerce

Not long ago,  everybody had heard of the local Chamber of Commerce and knew that the Chamber was a well-respected and relevant leadership organization in the community and that it's mission was to represent and ensure the economic health of local business and, by extension, the community as a whole. However, times have changed.  If you asked someone under 40 about the Chamber, they will probably have a confused look.  If they have an idea of what your Chamber does and their feedback is indifferent or negative, then you'd better start making some changes ... FAST!   It is time to start rebranding your Chamber of Commerce to make it relevant again.   Branding is a serious process but it does not have to be difficult and it will be hugely rewarding. And PBG can help!

Providing the Community with an Identity

Branding is Important to Our Communities because it offers the opportunity to tell the story of our communities through properly building identity for the places where we live, work, pray, and play.   It is about finding the one thing that really sets your community apart and creating a narrative that can have a major impact on who chooses to visit, buy products, or most importantly call that community home. 

Becoming a Place People are Proud of

At the end of the day, a good community brand is a promise a place makes to people, be it those visiting or those who live there. It is built over time and capitalizes on the imagery, feeling, and allegiance felt when people see the image of their community whether it is a symbol that evokes history (or progress), a tagline that builds pride of place, or colors and typefaces that evoke images or signals sense of place for the community. 

Partner with a local marketing firm who knows youth marketing

 While chamber’s know how to advocate and market with the best of them, it is important to have third party validation and assistance.  In each of your communities, you have amazing companies that represent many impressive national brands.  Partner with them to carry out the plan, connect them to people and carry the torch (it’s what we do best).  While your local agency may have never branded a city, it works on the same principals.  Trust them to love your city, too.   They are the experts in the psyche of an entire generation – young professionals and millenials who want to take over the world and our organizations. 

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