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Ur Corporate Liaison

 Corporate branding refers to the practice of promoting the brand name  of a corporate entity, as opposed to specific products or services. The  activities and thinking that go into corporate branding are different  from product and service branding because the scope of a corporate brand  is typically much broader.   High-quality branding plays a major role in a company’s corporate image.  An otherwise well-run organization that does not have a good brand image can suffer a lot due to poor perception among people. 

Who we serve


Non-profits aren’t selling products or services like other organizations. They’re selling a mission, a goal, or a belief in a cause. We help make your non-profit's mission, one to remember. With the non-profit sector being so crowded, it is important to differentiate yourself from every other nonprofit by trying to start a conversation with your audience.  Whether you’re a new nonprofit looking to build awareness for emerging  issues, or an established organization hoping to increase donations or  recruit volunteers, we have the creativity and expertise to help you  clarify goals. 

Small to mid-size businesses

We  know that small businesses need great branding and marketing just as  much as—if not more than—large, consumer-based businesses.  The benefits of branding aren’t limited to larger organizations. Small companies and start-ups also need an accurate brand and positioning.  We provide  Small business marketing services that work and that are affordable. 


As an entrepreneur, your personal brand is just as important–if not more important–as your company’s brand. When beginning a new business venture, it may be easy to focus on your company’s brand and completely forget your own. But the days of an  invisible founder are long gone. We’ve now entered a time where a highly visible CEO is the norm, as well as a unique opportunity for growth and success.    Developing and maintaining your identity should be first priority, with your company’s brand following suit.  We are here to help!

Ur Corporate Liaison Clients

Family Support Circle, Inc.

 FSC is a 501 (c)(3), nonsectarian, social service agency that benefits  the national community at large and now international by enhancing the  potential and quality of life of each person and families we serve.  Within FSC’s person-centered philosophy, is a deep commitment to be  providers of supports with specific expertise in education, youth  development, in-home support and community access program for youth,  adults and elderly who are medically fragile and those individuals with  Developmental Disabilities in the United States and quality education in  Haiti.  

Blessed Occasions Linen Rentals

 Blessed Occasions Inc. has been  providing event services for over 10 years.  Starting in Philadelphia,  PA...Blessed Occasions Linen Rentals is now in the McDonough & Metro  Atlanta areas providing professional rental services to event  decorators, event planners and the party hosts who love to make a great  impression.  

Lydia Pierre

Lydia Pierre is a branding expert and strategist whose areas of focus include  Arts & Entertainment, Fashion & Beauty, Lifestyle & Luxury, Post Athletic Career Transitioning, Non-Profits, and Professional Services.  Lydia authored the book entitled, "The Art Of Branding: A Simple & Practical Guide to Understanding the Branding Process" which is a short and simple guide  that answers some of the most frequently asked questions about personal branding and why it's an important piece of any entrepreneur's life today.