Transition to Life After Sports


Transition Planning

Many retired athletes struggle in their transition from elite sport to life beyond. Transition planning is important as retirement draws near. Through a sportsperson’s career and then as retirement looms, there is a need for solid support, education and preparation. During and after retirement many also may need further support. 


Personal Branding

While it remains true that athletes must perform, their brand is also a valuable asset.   Athletes have passions and lives outside of their sport. How they are perceived — on and off the field — can impact the value of their contracts, endorsement deals, post-playing careers, and other opportunities.   The athletes who take advantage of off-field opportunities understand the importance of enhancing their identity and brand. They know by boosting their public profile, online and in person, they can produce incremental revenue streams. Increased popularity, larger endorsement deals and more business opportunities are just a few benefits.  


It Is Your Brand...Invest In it!

 Regardless of the sport, if you're a professional athlete you need to understand the relevance of your personal brand and make a valiant effort at building your identity. The most strategic way to accomplish maximum brand exposure is to work with a brand management partner.  Investing in a marketing partner gives your brand a competitive advantage and brings more to the table than ever before.  We will aggressively seek influential and lucrative opportunities for our clients to ensure that your brand not only remains relevant, but continues to grow, thrive, and influence.