Why You Should Work With Us

We welcome you to help shape the future and help entrepreneurs and small business owners follow their dreams all while furthering your professional development! You can do this through the many consulting and business opportunities Pierre Branding Group offers to engage with celebrities, entertainers, corporations, and professional service firms.  At PBG you have the opportunity to utilize your professional experience and industry expertise to help clients take their brand to the next level as part of the Pierre Branding Group Creative Team!

We’re forever pushing boundaries and breaking barriers in our mission to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs maintain, improve and uphold their brand by utilizing a combination of affordable PR, Marketing, and advertising.  In fact, our vision is to be the catalyst that inspires and empowers entrepreneurs to follow their dreams, pursue their passion and turn it into profit by connecting them to one another to obtain the support, insights and expertise needed to make the best decision possible for whatever challenge or issues faced in their business.  So we’re ambitious. And we mean business.

That’s why we need the most creative, intelligent and passionate people in our team. There’s no set way of doing things here. We welcome change and we’re always looking for innovative ideas from creative people like you. We’ll give you every opportunity to have your say and fulfill your own ambitions.

How It Works?

The process is simple. Once you join the PBG Creative Team you will be considered an Independent Contractor. PBG will contact you with client assignment requests related to your industry experience. For each request you can expect to receive an email detailing the project and compensation. As an Independent Contractor you are free to accept or decline the consultation offer based on your comfort, relevant expertise, and availability.

After the assignment is completed, submit an invoice to Pierre Branding Group directly and expect to receive payment promptly.

Benefits of Being Part of the Team

Our Creative Team members enjoy working with leading entertainment, corporate, and professional services clients. Whether your creative talent is your full-time job or you're simply interested in finding more opportunities to expand your brand in your free time, Pierre Branding Group offers meaningful interactions with savvy clients looking to work with and maybe even learn from you. Our Creative Team Members most commonly mention the following benefits as their key motivators for working with PBG:

  • Gain professional development at your convenience
  • Added earning potential 
  • Access to industry experts for support and advice for your own business
  • Engage with entertainers, celebrities, corporate executives, and other professionals
  • Build your brand in the marketplace of subject matter expertise and thought leadership

We offer a range of learning solutions to suit your needs. You’re making a personal impact on PBG let us return the gesture. Career coaching, mentors from within the business, team development days, career planning and sponsored support are all part of what we can offer, and so much more. Our Team of industry experts, PBG Partners,  will be happy to partner with you on any ideas or requests, helping to find the best solution that’s going to work for you.

Building Your Own Brand While Part Of The PBG Team

As if those weren’t reason enough….At PBG we’re passionate about the development of our people. Why? First of all, we know it’s a reason why great people will join and stay at PBG- to further their careers and to play a part in our growth and success. Secondly, it makes sense for us to have a team of engaged, talented, high-performing people at the top of their game. We invest a lot in our people, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but we know it makes a big difference to how successful we are. Creative Team members with this firm will be provided with the following services: 

  • Office access (when PBG obtains office space).
  • Dedicated Web page on PBG site complete with bio, photo, contact information and link back to their own company site (Page may also serve as your company website if one is not available)
  • Marketing/sales guidelines to follow.
  • Personal goal setting assistance and training
  • Access to network of Industry experts for support and advice.
  • Business cards with PBG branding on one side and their business on the other

You don’t just work with us on the brands of clients we introduce you to.  We work together on your brand as well.  This firm is highly supportive to the creative team it has built and their respective companies. This firm has a marketing plan in place for creative team members to utilize to help position their company while working with PBG. PBG will be assisting all creative team members in goal setting/planning and in their marketing techniques/strategies. Even though the creative team members are independent contractors, this firm will run as a team. 

The open door policy will be in place at all times inviting new ideas and suggestions.

Diverse Work Culture

We’re committed to promoting a diverse workforce too. No matter what your ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, age or disability status, you’ll get all the opportunities, support and respect you’d expect from such a collaborative and fast-paced business.

Think You Belong Here?

We have opportunities available for go-getters with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn and share ideas. We’re looking for individuals who are driven to do their best and who will always do what’s right. We want team players who are ready to collaborate with some of the most creative, energetic and smartest folks in the industry. And people who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of people who already are taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to own and operate their own business.

Looking for a new and exciting challenge every single day? And the opportunity to grow in your career, or even explore a new one? Our leaders are here to encourage you and empower you. All in a fun, fast-paced, and casual environment.

What are you waiting for?!