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How It Works

 Join our trusted community of partners and market what you do to PBG customers. With exclusive benefits and insights, partners are equipped to better serve our mutual customers and grow their business.  Through PBG’s unique “Ur Liaison Partnership Program”, PBG Clients will have a direct access to a network of industry experts, known as “PBG Partners”,  who come together to provide advice and support to business owners and entrepreneurs who are clients of PBG.

The Ur Liaison Partnership Program is essentially a referral program through which, instead of your typical hand-off referral, PBG remains as a liaison and facilitates the referral from the beginning and in some instances throughout the life of the relationship.  We feel that personally introducing the client to an industry expert will help increase engagement, reduce chances of missed opportunities,  and enhances continuity of the relationship between the two parties.

These experts will include experts such as key venture capitalists, industry experts, and small businesses resources, who are on hand to discuss things like: trademarking, copy-writing, e-commerce, cosmetics regulations, tax laws, accounting, video and photography tips and more. These partners will be handpicked based on services that complement, rather than compete, with the services PBG provides. PBG clients, who take advantage of this network, can essentially develop relationships, build trust, and even become clients of these industry partners in areas that PBG does not provide services that would accommodate their additional needs.

PBG Clients Benefits

PBG Clients will have a direct access to a network of industry experts, known as “PBG Partners”, who come together to provide advice and support to business owners and entrepreneurs who are clients of PBG. 

PBG Partner Benefits


Partners who are professionals across industries have a great opportunity to consult with entertainment, celebrity, corporate, and professional services clients on important topics over the phone or in-person at their convenience. PBG offers meaningful interactions with potential clients looking to learn from you. Our Industry Experts most commonly mention the following benefits as their key motivators for being a part of the "Ur Liaison Partnership Program:

  • Engaging with leading entertainers, celebrities, corporate executives, and other professionals
  • Building your brand in the marketplace of subject matter expertise and thought leadership
  • Interacting with prospective clients by sharing professional experience.

PBG Partners will be provided with the following services:


  • We match clients to experts. We have an extensive questionnaire for our clients to list their wants and needs. We then take this questionnaire and use the supplied information to match clients to the experts matching their criteria. As a PBG Partner, Consulting engagements are at your discretion, and on your schedule.
  • Client Leads. PBG clients are looking to get educated on products, services and developments shaping your respective industry. Ur Liaison Partnership Program enables partners to interact with prospective clients by sharing professional experience. 
  • PBG Partners’ logo, business and contact information will be featured on a dedicated Partnership page on the Pierre Branding Group website so that PBG clients know how to reach them. There will be a button that links back to partner website.
  • We go a step further with for our partners and we make the client introduction. We can either do so via email correspondence, or have a face to face introduction meeting with the client and partner. 

*For PBG Partners and PBG Clients to easily identify one another, partners will place a distinct blue "PBG Partner" badge on their company site. PBG Clients will also have a distinct white "PBG Client" badge on their site should PBG Partners have a need to quickly verify that they are in fact PBG clients. Each badge will link back to information about PBG.


The expectation of PBG Partners are to:

  • Be identifiable and accessible to PBG clients.
  • Provide PBG clients with a minimum of one (1) Complimentary Consultation
  • Act as a gateway to appropriate expert advice and advocacy support 
  • Provide accurate information to clients about your area of expertise & services.
  • Act as a catalyst for change and improvement by providing clients with information and feedback on problems arising and best practices.
  • Operate within a local network with other PBG Partners in their area of expertise and work across organizational boundaries
  • Respond to client inquiries to develop a responsive culture.

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