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Dr. Elna Poulard is a native of Haiti and has lived in three states, New York, Pennsylvania and Georgia for more than 35 years. She is the mother of two biological children, a daughter and a son; and four adopted children, two daughters and sons. She is also a grand-mother of two beautiful grand-children. She has a wide experience working with youth and young adults in various settings such as juvenile delinquency, foster parenting and various school districts. Elna Poulard earned Doctoral degrees in Special Education and in Psychology, a Master of Business Administration and Global Management, a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a Minor in Psychology and an Associate Degree in Business Administration. 

She is a former educator in the Philadelphia School System. In addition to her vast experience, she has an infinite passion to helping others succeed in life. One of her main focuses is empowering young men and women to become leaders in their community and in the world.

Family Support Circle, Inc.


Dr. Poulard is the Founder and President of Family Support Circle, Inc. (FSC). The organization originally started in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2001 that was birth from the faith-based youth development program in 1997 and is now in the Metro Atlanta Area. Since 2007, Dr. Poulard expanded Family Support Circle, Inc in Georgia to serve children, youth and young adults in various communities. FSC is a 501 (c)(3), nonsectarian, social service agency that benefits the national community at large and now international. The organization provides after school and summer enrichment programs for elementary and middle school students, mentoring, scholarship education and sexual risk avoidance-abstinence education for high school students in Henry, Fulton, Dekalb and Clayton Counties. She partners with the Henry County School District to bring about educational supports to students in need of tutoring and homework in the after-school hours and during the school hours to help improve students’ grades.

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Community Involvement


Dr. Poulard is currently involved in her community and is part of several committees at the Chamber of Commerce in both Georgia and Pennsylvania.  She serves on the Board of Directors of the Henry County Chamber of Commerce where she also serves as the Chair of the education committee, member of the membership committee and serves as mentor at the Academy for Advanced Studies in the Henry County Schools, Georgia. 

She devotes her time to volunteer and support other organizations serving youth as well as serves as mentor to those who have a desire to start a non-profit or develop programs to support young people. 

Dr. Poulard Speaks about fsc

Family Support Circle (FSC) works to provide the type of support services that moves towards an ever improving quality of life centered in a  healthy and diverse community.   Dr. Elna Poulard talks about Family Support Circle's programs and service offerings. 



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