Twelve @ Twelve Mentoring-for-Leadership Lunch series presented by Heritage Bank


Do you have big business dreams…but you’re not sure where to start or you’re not experiencing the growth you’d hoped for?  Business Luncheons are great, but in a room full of 50 plus people and a speaker talking at you, do you sometimes walk away with questions left unanswered?  Do you ever wish you could sit down for lunch with someone who can really give you some more direct conversation and insight?

If you answered yes to any of these, then we here at Pierre Branding Group (PBG) want to help make that happen for you. 

Once a month, the Pierre Branding Group will be hosting a Twelve at Twelve luncheon for twelve guests at twelve o’clock. Guests are invited to meet with a Featured Industry Leader, Expert, or Business Owner for an informal luncheon to learn more about their experience and expertise as well as what it means to be successful in business. Solve your biggest challenges by tapping into other smart business owners and facilitators who can give advice and mentorship in a setting that is more conducive to this type of exchange.

The leaders that will participate as the featured guests in this  mentoring for leadership series are community leaders in Henry County.   These  include Commissioner Chair June Wood; Superintendent Mary  Elizabeth  Davis; Henry County Manager, Cheri Matthews; Sharon Ponder,  Chamber Chair Elect and Vice President of Finance at Bennett  International; Dr.  Elna Poulard, Chamber Education Committee Chair and Founder of Family  Support Circle; Brent Huckaby, Vice President at  BBandT; Dr. Thomas  Hynes, President of Clayton State University; Deborah  Armstrong, CEO of  Piedmont Henry, Representative Geoff Cauble of the Georgia House of Representatives, David Gill, President of the Henry County Chamber of Commerce; Leonard Sledge, Executive Director of the Development Authority and Leonard Moreland, CEO of Heritage Bank. 

We have tracked down some of the most trendy dining locations in different areas of town, curated a menu for you, and will help facilitate connections with experts in the community so your lunch hour can be both meaningful and productive!  So Join us and be one of the Twelve @ Twelve. 


How it Works


  • It's 1st come 1st served so...The First Twelve guests to reserve their seats are locked in.
  • A $25 flat fee covers your lunch from a pre-set menu, non-alcoholic beverage, tip, tax, and Eventbrite ticketing fees (plus an hour of mentoring!)
  • Upon arrival, you’ll tell the host(ess) that you’re with Pierre Branding Group. You’ll be seated and can choose from our pre-selected menu.
  • Enjoy an hour of great conversation with our Featured Guest and other attendees.
  • When you’re finished, no need to worry about the bill because we’ve taken care of it.
  • As an added bonus, A PBG Host will be there helping to facilitate your conversations! This will help encourage dialogue and break the ice as well as to ensure everyone gets a chance to engage and participate.
  • The 12 attendees will receive info on who is joining the lunch before the event to help see how they can connect and support one another professionally.

Dining Etiquette


  • If you reserve and can no longer attend, we ask that you let us know so that we can give your seat to someone else so the table is full. This is for the sake of those who are on the waiting list and can truly benefit from meeting with our Featured Guest.  If your seat goes empty, we won’t be able to host you in the future.
  • Please arrive to the venue on time! While we don’t aim to be strict, we do want to make sure that you have a chance to meet everyone and order before we move into the more conversational aspect of the lunch.  
  • Please review the menu before purchasing as it is a set menu – If you order anything, not on the set menu, you are responsible for settling up on that before you leave.

**Should a table not fill up to a minimum of 5 guests, we will cancel and offer refunds day of 



Don't let this unique opportunity to receive advice from those in  positions of influence and leadership. Watch this video of our final 3  Mentors, Geoff Cauble, Vice-President of Dimension One, David Gill President of Henry County Chamber of Commerce, and Leonard Moreland, CEO of Heritage Bank speaking on why Mentorship is important at every stage in your personal & professional development.

Register for the very next 12@12 Mentoring-for-Leadership Lunch Series with Geoff Cauble today!!

Meet Our Hosts

Genie Moore


Genie Moore is a successful Independent Sales Director with Mary Kay with over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, and advertising.  As the "Queen of Sales", she understands that improving customer experiences, adding value—all while increasing sales revenue is a delicate balancing act. Her passion for helping people reach their fullest potential is evident in her own independent sales force. She is a Board member of the Henry County Chamber of Commerce  She has three sons, and is a loving wife to her husband Thad Moore. 

Geraldine Andre


Geraldine Andre is a Certified Event Decorator and Project Manager. Geraldine has earned her Bachelors of Science in Business Management as well as her Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Project Management. She is a wife and the mother of two energetic boys, a college professor, Vice-President of a local non-profit and entrepreneur of a thriving design company.  Geraldine works as a contract professional to Pierre Branding Group through her own company Regal Innovation & Design

Lydia Pierre

Lydia Pierre

Lydia Pierre is a branding expert and strategist who counsels small business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs  in the process of maintaining, improving, and upholding a successful brand.  Lydia is active as a leader in the business community and is the chair for the One Henry Arts & Leisure Subcommittee.  She serves as a board member of the Henry Arts Alliance and is the Vice Chair of the Board for Family Support Circle Inc.  She is also an on air talent for Southern Crescent Broadcasting Television.



May 22 - Featured Mentor, Leonard Moreland, CEO of Heritage Bank

 Pierre Branding Group would like to invite you to participate in the TWELVE @ TWELVE Mentoring for Leadership Lunch Series Sponsored by Heritage Bank. In May, our Featured Mentor will be Leonard Moreland, CEO of Heritage Bank.

Leonard A. Moreland has been with Heritage Bank since 1996, when he joined the bank as Executive Vice President.  Mr. Moreland has been a director of the Bank since August 1996 and a director of the Company since May 1999.  Mr. Moreland became the bank's CEO in 2006 and serve as both President of the Bank and CEO from 2006 to November 30, 2016 until Howard B. (Rocky) Lipham, III joined Heritage Bank in November 2016 as President. .    

Mr. Moreland serves on the Board of Trustees of the Clayton State University Foundation.  He also serves as Past Chair and Director for the Henry County Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of CSU Foundation Real Estate I LLC, Co-Chair of the One Henry Economic Alliance and director of Life and Money Matters.  Mr. Moreland also serves as a director of the Community Bankers Association of Georgia.

Come to this luncheon and learn more about Leonard. His background, challenges, successes and how he has grown from both.

The 12 @ 12 lunch will meet for lunch at a locally owned and operated farm to table bistro called The Farmer & The Chef where they serve Farm to Table meals, which include fresh salads, farm raised burgers, fresh fish and chips.

Please click the link to review the MENU before purchasing as it is a set menu – If you order anything, not on the set menu, you are responsible for settling up on that before you leave.


Official dining partner

Eagles Landing Country Club


Dine in style or host a dinner party at Eagle's Landing Country Club in Stockbridge near Atlanta. ... Served in Chop House 88 and the Member's Lounge. 

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Dining Partners



Gain experience not shared in books.

Experience is a very expensive asset -- yet it's crucial to business  success. There's only so much about a person's experience you can gain  from books. Some personal experiences and how they dealt with it can help another entrepreneur's career. 

You can learn a lot from someone else's experience

Your chances of success in life and in business can be amplified by  having the right guidance. The valuable connections, timely advice,  occasional checks -- together with the spiritual and moral guidance you  will gain from having a mentor -- will help leapfrog you to  success. 

Network opportunities

Networking with the attendees can expose you to a network of people who can benefit your career.   Connect in a smaller, more intimate environment outside of the normal large events where you are just 1 in 60 plus attendees.

Help you develop stronger Emotional Intelligence.

We all know that a quick way to make a business fail is to mix it with  emotions or make crucial decisions based on emotional feelings.  Situations like this can be curbed as hearing from someone who went through it will help show you how to  react in given instances. 

Get Encouraged

Someone who has experienced the highs and lows of running a business is in the  perfect position to give positive and soothing words of advice to you  when things refuse to go your way. And not only do they have the right  words to share, they would also have ideas to help you navigate your way  to success. 

Why Not?

Good food, good company and good information. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by attending. 

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Your Community. Your Bank

Heritage Bank, a state chartered commercial bank, has been serving metro Atlanta’s Southern Crescent since 1955. The independent community bank has six full service offices, features a well-rounded offering of commercial and consumer products, and is an active, involved member of the community it serves.

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Their services include Broadcasting, Local Television, Commercial production, Program development, Marketing and Commercial advertising.

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Bringing your Community Home!!


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Become a Featured Guest if...


You are someone who loves to help others…and you want to be doing work that makes a real difference in people’s lives.


You enjoy having the opportunity to pass knowledge and experience on to an interested person.


You were helped early in your career by someone who had achieved greatness. Now you believe that you  should “pay it forward.”



Your sponsorship empowers young men and women in the community.

This luncheon series has attracted the attention and support of business owners and entrepreneurs all over the county for the opportunity it gives to engage with leaders, CEO's and Executives that would normally be a challenge to connect with in addition to creating an opportunity for relationship building and empowerment through mentorship. 

A portion of the proceeds benefit the Insight Mentoring Alignment Program (iMAP) at Family Support Circle Inc, a nonprofit organization working to achieve change by providing adolescents, youth, and young adults with mentors who can help them become positive role models and future leaders.  By becoming a sponsor, you become a critical partner in this work. 

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